A health care alternative for Christians

According to a recent study, approximately 13.4% Americans are still uninsured. The reasons for this have varied, with the cost, or missing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) often being cited. If you are one of the uninsured, … Continued

How SHOP can help your small business

One of the most overlooked benefits of the Affordable Care Act, are the subsidies available to small businesses. While companies with up to 50 employees do not have to provide insurance for their employees, at the same time they are … Continued

Did you miss the Obamacare deadline?

When illness or injury strikes unexpectedly, the importance of having good health insurance can’t be understated. Currently, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that 25 million people will gain health coverage through the Affordable Care Act by 2016. Even so, due … Continued

SHOP can still provide insurance for your employees

Last year, a federal report found that 45% of the uninsured population would be eligible for financial assistance in buying a plan. Though 8 million individuals have now bought coverage through the marketplaces, there are still many that are uninsured … Continued