Christian Health Care Sharing: an affordable health care alternative


The open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act has now come and gone, and it is estimated that approximately only 7 million people signed up for health care. With the deadline for Open Enrollment now past, many have been left without any health care at all, while some who did enroll in an Affordable Care Act plan may have ended up with a plan that costs too much or with a deductible that’s just too high.

If you signed up for a plan that you’re not happy with, or you weren’t able to find an affordable health plan – and you’re worried about the tax penalty – there’s good news: the Affordable Care Act isn’t the only way.

Discover eChristian Health:

Did you know that there is a health care approach for Christians that is exempt from the participation requirements and the penalties of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)?

In the confusing world of health care, it’s not easy to find an appropriate, affordable health care solution for your family AND feel confident that you’ve made the best choice. With belonging to a qualified Christian health sharing organization, members

  • typically save 40% to 60% on their health care costs
  • are able to align their health care with their Christian values
  • are exempt from PPACA penalties with Health Care Sharing

If you’re unhappy with your current health plan, or you’re not covered at all, eChristian Health is here to help – and may even be able to help you save you 40-60% each month on your health care costs.

Call us charge-free at (866) 619-2408, or visit us at to learn more – our agents are standing by to extend a helping hand.