Did you miss the Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act?

Or did you sign up for an Obamacare plan, but now you find the premium too expensive?

Don’t worry! There are still a number of really good options you can take advantage of. In this day and time, all of us have to be a lot more proactive in making sure all the bases are covered in our health care planning.

There are 3 things that you need to ask yourself:

  1. Did I get health insurance before the end of Open Enrollment and what are my options if I didn’t?
  2. What are my options if I did enroll but my premium is just too expensive and the deductibles are too high?
  3. Are there any affordable options outside the Affordable Care Act that will still provide me with quality health care for me and my family?

The good news is that we at Health Plans 4 Less™ have great answers to all 3 questions and there are great options that can be tailored to your particular situation. Why not call us today at (866) 619-2407 and find out that the end of Open Enrollment doesn’t mean the end of finding an affordable, quality health plan!