In most cases, our clients save an average of 30 to 50% on their monthly health insurance premiums and get much better benefits. We call this our HEALTH PLANS 4 LESS Approach™. We start with a lower cost, common sense major medical health plan from one of several top health insurance carriers in the state. Then, we combine that with other affordable ancillary benefits. The result is monthly savings and better benefits in most cases.

In addition to your lower cost, common sense major medical health plan, we add benefits like an accident reimbursement plan, a critical illness paycheck protection benefit and a dental plan to round out the package.

Because we use the top PPO-based plans in our HEALTH PLANS 4 LESS Approach™, you will typically be able to continue with the same doctor(s) you currently visit.

When you add much needed ancillary benefits to a lower cost, commons sense major medical health plan, not only do you save money each month, but you’ll also get better benefits!

You can always call your HEALTH PLANS 4 LESS™ insurance agent with any questions. With over 20 years of experience, we will always be there to take care of your needs.

Yes we do! We offer some of the most competitive and comprehensive term life insurance plans available in the state. In addition, we also have safe and secure retirement plans. These plans protect you from losing money if the stock market goes down. In today’s world, most people are looking for security and safety with their retirement savings plans.